Month: November 2019

“who cares about you more than family”…reflections of a senior -Old Spice

“a calling to provide senior’s who no longer can live on their own (independently), to provide a safe and loving home that fosters dignity, love and family” -Steve Maskrey Here I am in my 72nd year on this earth. That’s right, I’m a legitimate senior…. elderly if you will… and proud of it!  I’ve been […]

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“I promised my parents they would never go to a nursing home” -Theresa Maskrey

My parents promised my grandparents that no matter happened they would never have to goto a nursing home. They would always live with family when they could no longer take careof themselves. So guess what I did. The same thing. I promised my parents that no matterwhat happened that they would always live with their […]

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Brandon Schwab Reflections on 1st 5 years of Starting & Growing Shepherd Premier Senior Living

Starting your own business is something else, it’s incredibly gratifying and rewarding when everything goes right and can be aweful when things are going the other direction, I’ve been self employed since I was 15 years old and I’ve experienced it both ways. I was describing to my friend Wyatt Taylor today that being self […]

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