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Downsizing: How to Prepare to Sell Your Family Home

Downsizing – selling the family home for the sake of moving to a smaller, easier home – can be a complicated process, especially to our older loved ones. All their beloved possessions and many of their precious memories are inside their home and might feel too big to let go of. However, to make sure that everything goes according to plan, selling the house will involve planning and preparing your home to attract potential buyers. Here, we cover the crucial steps in making that sale

Disassociating yourself from the house

Because you’ve lived in your home for years, letting go of it can be difficult emotionally. Remember though that a home is about who lives there, rather than the physical space itself. Knowing this makes detaching yourself and severing the emotional connections you have to the house easier. Know that you can look to the future, where your next home will be, because you will make it yours and create new memories. 

Depersonalizing the house 

Pack up family heirlooms, personal photographs, and other things that may distract buyers. Do the same for furniture — leave only the understated pieces that won’t create unintended impressions. For older adults moving to a senior living community, start the process of giving away and selling the possessions that won’t make the move to a new, smaller space. Depersonalizing your home will make it easier for potential buyers to visualize how the house might look like with their furniture and belongings. Remember that your goal is to make it easy for buyers to see your house as their home in the future. 

De-cluttering the house

Over the years, people tend to collect many things. When downsizing, it’s essential to get rid of the possessions you will no longer need. Options for doing so include selling (garage sales, online services like eBay), donating (nonprofit organizations such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other charity) and giving away memorable items to family and friends. Donations to nonprofits won’t just help those in need, but some are also tax-deductible

Making minor repairs

Essential repairs are vital, as they can make or break a sale. Many sales involve a home inspection, and the professional repair of the deficiencies is often part of the home sale contract. It’s also a best practice to consider painting the walls with neutral colors. Bright lighting in a house for sale literally shows the house in the best possible light, so don’t forget to replace any burned-out or dim light bulbs.. You want this sale to be as positive as it can be.  

Making the house shine 

To get your house ready for viewing, you may want to hire a professional cleaning crew. Cleaning might include renting a pressure washer to spray down the sidewalk and exterior, washing all windows inside and out, scrubbing sinks, showers, and tubs, as well as polishing mirrors and chrome faucets. Remove dust from cabinets, closets, under the furniture, and anywhere else where it gathers. Finally, the front door makes one of the strongest first impressions, so be sure it’s clean and restrain or repaint it if necessary.

It can be overwhelming to get everything done on time when selling the family home, but thankfully, downsizing can be done through the simple steps above. When everything is clean, and everything has been organized and repaired, you can start staging your house. To learn more about Shepherd Premier Senior Living’s assisted living and memory care communities, visit their website here

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