Author: Steve Maskrey

Who cares about you more than family -Steve Maskrey

by Steve Maskrey (aka “Ole Spice”) In this crazy world…at the end of the day… the only people that REALLY care about you is your family! (I’ll let you define what family is to you.) When it comes to seniors that can no longer live on their own, and need assisted living and/or memory care, I spell family SPSL….that’s right… Shepherd […]

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“who cares about you more than family”…reflections of a senior -Old Spice

“a calling to provide senior’s who no longer can live on their own (independently), to provide a safe and loving home that fosters dignity, love and family” -Steve Maskrey Here I am in my 72nd year on this earth. That’s right, I’m a legitimate senior…. elderly if you will… and proud of it!  I’ve been […]

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