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It takes a special person to accept the challenge of providing care for seniors. It takes an even more incredible caregiver to succeed in a role where the pressures of the position make for a high rate of caregiver burnout. But, unlike other senior care providers, at Shepherd Premier Senior Living, we understand that what you have to offer has to be set with reasonable expectations that are focused on individual resident care.

How can we explain why caregivers are so much more satisfied when they’re members of our team?

We believe it starts with a 1-to-5 Caregiver-to-Resident Ratio. With many senior care providers, the ratio is as high as 1 to 20. With the latter ratio, caregivers have little opportunity to feel that they’ve truly succeeded. At best, they have a sense that they’re hanging on, at least until they can’t hang on any longer and they quit – it’s understood in the profession that stress on caregivers leads to reduced quality of care.

With a 1-to-5 ratio, rather than feeling constantly overwhelmed, our caregivers have far greater opportunities for one-on-one interaction with our residents. They develop personally rewarding relationships with the residents they serve. This makes for far happier residents. And, it means that our caregivers can’t help but see the difference they make in other peoples’ lives.

When caregivers aren’t overwhelmed it’s easier for them to share their compassion, time and respect with our residents.

They find it easier to listen to the residents and understand their needs. It creates an environment where everyone wins. It also creates the environment for the greatest caregivers among any senior care provider.

The Benefits of Joining our Team
  • 1-to-5 Caregiver-to-Resident Ratio
  • Mutually Respectful Atmosphere
  • Career Pathing-Opportunity to Succeed Professionally and Personally
  • Comprehensive Affordable Benefits Package
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We make applying to one of our positions very simple.  Click the button below to apply:

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Admission Requirements …

  • Positive Attitude
  • Heartfelt Passion for Caring for Others
  • Experience – 1 year in Senior Care Services
  • 3 Industry Related References
  • Comprehensive Criminal Background Check

Shepherd Premier Senior Living has the happiest residents because we have the happiest team of caregivers. If you’re that special person who finds pleasure in helping others, we may be looking for you.

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