Senior Living in Ringwood, IL

At our senior living communities you get all the comforts of home with the benefits of a helping hand.

There comes a time when a loved one requires some assistance with their daily routine. Senior Living was designed to offer help with those basic needs. At Shepherd Premier Senior Living, our Senior Living program was created to do more than merely provide that essential care; our Senior Living program provides the highest quality of care while nurturing a loved one’s dignity and emotional peace of mind.
"Brandon and the rest of the team were so compassionate and caring and took the time to listen to our hearts desire for our Dad. Karen the admin has been a blessing in putting our hearts to rest assuring us our dad would be in good hands with their skilled CNA's and other skilled staff employees."
Testimonial for Assisted Living
Kerri Creutz

Senior living in a peaceful, rural environment

At a Shepherd Premier Senior Living home, residents are wrapped in an environment of tranquility and calm. Our homes are set in rustic rural settings in communities where people still wave friendly greetings to their neighbors and the occasional passersby. 

Those living in our homes enjoy an unprecedented 1-to-5 Caregiver-to-Resident Ratio that provides the kind of intimate personal care where a loved one receives the attention they deserve and never feels lost or forgotten.  That care includes healthy home-style meals to meet individual dietary requirements.

Live guilt-free knowing you've chosen a loving environment for mom or dad

When a loved one comes home to live in a Shepherd Premier Senior Living residence they join a family of no more than 10 to 16 residents. Rather than a sense of guilt, the family knows that mom and/or dad are in a place where they’ll continue to enjoy life. The atmosphere is engaging, supportive, safe and secure. The story doesn’t end here. A new chapter begins.

group picture of senior living residents at shepherd

Is it time for Senior Living?

So, when is it time to consider Assisted Living for mom and/or dad, or another loved one? It’s a question of whether they can continue to care for themselves or whether they need help. Help is based on the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) which are:

Continence Control: the ability to get on and off the toilet in time, and clean up after using the toilet

Dressing: the ability to dress, undress and to make appropriate wardrobe choices

Eating: The ability to feed oneself (this doesn’t necessarily include food preparation)

Personal Hygiene: this includes bathing, showering, oral care, and grooming

Transferring and Mobility: this is the ability to move oneself in and out of bed, into and out of a seated position, and the ability to walk independently

Cognition: Clarity in basic decision making related self-care

When someone is unable to perform these activities on their own, they need some assistance.

Senior Living at Shepherd Premier Senior Living includes:

Homestyle residential living in rustic rural communities with 10 to 16 residents

senior independent living resident relaxing in chair