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Steve Maskrey VLog- Experience with Senior Living


Hey everyone in the Steve “Old Spice” Maskrey again for Shepherd Premier senior living, who cares for you more than family and in this crazy world we live in. At the end of the day, family is the only one that really cares and I’ll let you define what family means to you. When you’re a senior, you start to age, you start to decline, you need care. You can no longer live independently. I spell family SPSL that’s right, Shepherd Premier, senior living. If the old adage is true, that home is where the heart is. Then providing a senior who is declining and aging and can no longer live independently by themselves and need care and providing them a new home to live out the rest of their life IS the most important and top priority the Shepherd Premier senior living has. I want to think about it. Most of us have grown up in a home.

We’ve seen our kids grow and leave the house. Grandkids would come along, retirement and then the time comes, we can do what we want and then all of a sudden the illness strikes. It makes me think about what took place in our lives. And when I say our lives, my wife and I, when we had aging and declining parents and the decisions that we had to make, and we thought it was so unfair that after they had lived in homes their entire life, that they had to be forced out of their home, but their community and be forced into some sort of foreign building and or large facility. We thought that others had to feel the same way and felt the same, and we did. And there must be a different option or alternative for seniors who can no longer take care of themselves, need care, and can no longer live independently. Stayed tuned. This is Steve “Old Spice” Maskrey for Shepherd Premier senior living.