Exciting Excursions for Chicago Area Residents: Volo Auto Museum in Bull Valley

When you’re looking for something to do in the Chicago area, there are a number of interesting places that you can visit. One destination that is worth checking out is Volo Auto Museum in Bull Valley, Illinois. This museum has an unbelievably large collection of cars and other vehicles from the 20th century. Learn more here.

Volo Auto Museum houses more than 240 antique cars beautifully restored in a 70,000 square foot building! Visitors learn about each car by reading gold plaques next to the display, which describes what makes each vehicle unique and during different periods throughout America’s history. Many of the antique cars in Volo Auto Museum are one-of-a-kind, and you won’t find them anywhere else! If you are looking for an educational, fun, and interactive experience, Volo Auto Museum is just the place. Just 35 minutes north of Chicago in Bull Valley, Illinois, it stands out as one of the best car museums around. Here at Volo Auto Museum, there are over 200 vehicles on display to explore, along with hundreds more in storage, so even if your favorite classic isn’t here today, the chances are good that they will be back again soon. Learn more about Moraine Hills State Park in Bull Valley: Beautiful Autumn Rocks, Ravines and Small Lakes.