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In-Home Care for your and their peace of mind

Are mom and/or dad okay?

One day, you realize it’s a question you ask yourself with increasing frequency. The years have crept up on them. They can’t do things they used to do but you know they’ll try. It’s clear they need help. They need someone to be there ensuring that they’re not getting themselves into trouble or struggling with those little things they used to do every day. They need someone there for your peace of mind, too.

The care is important, from help around the house to personal assistance. But, it’s also a matter of companionship. They don’t get out and socialize the way they used to. They seem to isolate themselves more and more. An in-home caregiver ensures that they’re safe and never isolated.

No matter how much you want to help, it’s not always possible

Your life is full: your job, the children and all those other activities that keep you running. Taking on the duties of caring for your parents may give you one plate too many considering all the plates you have in the air already. And, if they live in another state, or out of the area, you many find it’s impractical to begin with. Moving them into your home will turn your life upside down and they want to stay in their own home anyway.

Shepherd Premier Senior Living In-Home caregiving is there

Knowing that a caregiver is in the house with your parents means you won’t have to worry about them leaving the stove on or falling down the stairs while trying to carry a basket of laundry up from the basement.

A Shepherd Premier Senior Living In-Home caregiver will do the laundry. They’ll cook the meals. They’ll help with all those daily activities that now present a challenge for your parent(s). And, they’ll do it all with a reassuring smile, compassion and the skill and professionalism you expect, and your parent(s) require. Our caregivers are trained and experienced. They know how to respond in any situation.

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There comes a time when your loved one is ready for an Independent Living or Assisted Living Home

The day is likely to come when the reasonable decision – the decision that is in mom and/or dad’s best interest – is to move into an Independent Living or Assisted Living Home. You understand that they want to stay in their own home as long as possible. The question is to recognize when it’s no longer practical, or safe, and when it’s time for them to move into a senior home.

Making that decision is tough. Practicality goes toe to toe with emotion. Sorting it out takes a calm appraisal and a thorough understanding of the factors involved. We can help you with that decision. Visit our “Is It Time” page to gain a clearer understanding of the issues to consider. You can also give us a call and we’ll help you to make the best decision for you and your mom and/or dad: (224) 333-6247.

If the conclusion is that it is time, we can help you make the appropriate arrangements to ensure that they move into a quality Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care Home. We’ll also help you take care of all those loose ends that appear when making such a significant move. But, if the decision is that they can stay in their home, we’ll also help you to attain In-Home Care services that will provide the care, safety and companionship your parent or loved one deserves.

Shepherd Premier In-Home Care offers the following services:

Shepherd Premier In-Home Care tailors personalized In-Home Care assistance for your mom, dad and/or loved one. The focus is on safety, companionship, respect for their dignity, and care that provides assistance where needed while helping them to maintain an active and meaningful life. If a service your parent or loved one require isn’t listed above, please, speak with us about it and we’ll see if we can respond to that need, too.