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Please list three professional references and let them know in advance we will be contacting them. Please do not include relatives. Your application will not be considered unless three references are provided.

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Work History

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Certification of Application

I certify that my answers are correct and complete, and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that the use of illegal drugs is prohibited during my employment and that additional testing for the presence of illegal drugs may be required prior to employment and randomly at any time during employment with Shepherd Residential Care Homes. I am willing to submit to drug testing to detect the use of illegal drugs.

I understand that any false or misleading information, omissions, or misrepresentations of facts in my application or interview will result in the rejection of this application or discharge at any time during my employment. I authorize Shepherd to contract with Stateline Investigations to conduct a background check to verify any of this information including, but not limited to, criminal history and motor vehicle driving records. I authorize all persons, companies, and law enforcement authorities to release any information concerning my background and hereby release all said persons, companies, and law enforcement agencies from any liability for any damage whatsoever for issuing this information. I release Shepherd companies, Shepherd Capital, and Stateline Investigations from any liability which might result from making such investigations.

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