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Boutique Senior Living: Why Smaller Might be Safer During COVID-19

We’ve touted the benefits that boutique senior living offers – more personalized care, the feel of home, the comfort of familiar faces, to name a few – but you may not realize that the smaller setting could actually be safer during COVID-19 than traditional senior living. Here’s why.

Small is Big Right Now

The COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of slowing anytime soon, yet if your loved one needs more care than can be provided at home you may be worried about their safety in a senior living setting. Although the senior living industry as a whole is going above and beyond to protect residents, it’s understandable to be concerned about the multitude of residents (and staff) in large communities that your loved one may be in contact with. Your loved one is, after all, in a high-risk category as a senior. On the other hand, our boutique senior living homes have just 16 residents max. This small setting offers tremendous peace of mind for our residents and their families!

What’s more, our 1 to 5 caregiver to resident ratio, which is nearly unheard of in the industry, can also help reduce exposure as those caring for your loved one are interacting with fewer people. And the ability to provide more personalized care means they truly know your loved one and can quickly identify any health concerns should they arise.

Our residents also have the option for private accommodations and with living space of at least 4,000 square feet plus ample outdoor space in each of our homes, social distancing is much easier to accomplish than in a large, crowded senior living community.

Additional COVID-19 Precautions in Boutique Senior Living

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve been following strict local, state and federal guidelines and our safety measures include:

  • Performing a temperature and symptom check of residents every day as well as any healthcare providers who enter our homes.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting common areas and then cleaning and disinfecting them again.
  • Following hand hygiene protocols.
  • Monitoring staff for symptoms and they are monitoring their families for symptoms as well.

In addition, there are additional benefits to boutique senior living that can help you feel assured in your loved one’s safety, perhaps even more so than if they were at home:

  • Everything they need is under one roof so preventing exposure to public touchpoints.
  • We have a strong supply chain that eliminates worry over out-of-stock necessities.
  • Our trained staff is experienced with outbreaks.

Keeping Your Loved One Connected

One of the challenges for all us during this time, but particularly seniors stuck at home, is isolation. Here your loved one will have friends and caregivers to share life with, so they won’t be alone. We also have a number of resources to keep our residents active, connected and thriving including small group engagement opportunities as well as independent activities and exercise options. We also make use of technology for fun things like virtual field trips and virtual visits with family. 

Even so, we know how hard it is to be physically separated from those we love and have recently come up with a safe process to allow families to visit with loved ones through outdoor patio visits!

As we navigate COVID-19 know that our top priority is the safety and well-being of our residents. We’re happy to answer any questions as you consider options for your loved one.

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