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This rustic, “farmhouse style” assisted living home is nearly full – call for availability. At Shepherd of Crystal Lake, you will be greeted by landscaped grounds and colorful wildflowers on the winding drive up to this well-appointed farmhouse.

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About Shepherd of Crystal Lake

Address: 5430 E Hillside Rd Crystal Lake, IL 60012

At Shepherd Premier Senior Living our senior living amenities at our Crystal Lake, IL location includes the following:

  • A charming residential assisted living home famous among residents for its grand fireplace and large back patio.
  • Opened in 2020, this home has 4,850 square feet of living space and accommodates 12 residents.
  • The house sits atop 5 rolling acres and is conveniently located nearby numerous local parks and shopping centers
    Private and semi-private rooms are available (call for availability).

As beneficial as assisted living facilities are, much like the one found in assisted living in Crystal Lake, Illinois, most people just think it is as droll and dreary as the conditions in a nursing home. This is mostly because not too many people know the difference between an assisted living facility and a nursing home.

Considering that this form of living arrangement is for people of advanced years, people should know that assisted living facilities are specifically designed to offer the kind of care and attention that people of that specific age group deserve. On top of that, residents in assisted living facilities are still treated with dignity and afforded the independence that gives them a sense of self-worth.

What makes this home special?

Shepherd of Crystal Lake is a charming residential assisted living home famous among residents for its grand fireplace and large back patio. Opened in 2020, this home has 4,850 square feet of living space and accommodates 12 residents. The house sits atop 5 rolling acres, and is conveniently located nearby numerous local parks and shopping centers. Private and semi-private rooms are available (call for availability).

How is Shepherd Premier Senior Living different?

At Shepherd Premier your loved one will receive 24-hour care, medication management, home-cooked meals, and the best caretaker-to-resident ratio in the industry. Every home is unique, but our family-owned values and unwavering dedication to quality care are second to none. Schedule a private tour today and see why our residents say – This is Home!

When a loved one comes home to live in a Shepherd Premier Senior Living residence they join an intimate community of 10 to 16 residents. We believe “smaller is better” when it comes to senior care — an opinion informed by our own experience with the other guys. Rather than a sense of guilt, you can know that mom or dad is enjoying life in an environment similar to home, with a small group of people that will fill their days with engagement, laughter, and the joy of belonging. We create an atmosphere that is engaging, supportive, safe, and secure. By choosing Shepherd Premier the story doesn’t end, a new chapter begins!

The Benefits of Assisted Living Arrangements

Perhaps the most common reason why families seek alternative living arrangements for their elderly is that the seniors already need caring for and no one in the family could do so. This is a reality that many elderly people face, but this is not the only reason why others would seek alternative living arrangements.

A recent survey revealed that as of 2020, at least 27% of American adults aged 60 and above lived alone. Even without the burden of age, living alone tends to weigh much on a person due to the isolation and loneliness that comes with it. For someone who is of advanced years, when some company would be most welcome, this could be particularly overwhelming.

Living in such a condition could prematurely age a person due to loneliness and isolation, on top of the possibility of not getting medical help in time should there be an emergency. An assisted living community has professionally trained people who are continually available should there be a need for them.

Even for elderly people who still live with relatives, there is always the possibility that a medical emergency might occur, and immediate help is needed due to the frailty that age brings. Some elderly people are so frail that moving them could aggravate whatever condition they might have, which is why there could be a need for treatment where they reside.

Another benefit of assisted living facilities is that certain medical procedures, such as attending to certain injuries and emergencies, could be done by the attending staff right on the spot. As the medical staff is also on the premises, the emergency could be attended to quite quickly.

Another sad reality of advanced age is that many elderly often become the target of financial scams where people take advantage of their trusting nature or their specific needs for financial security. This concern is so widespread that it is included in the top watch list of the FBI for fraud-related crimes.

Being in an assisted living facility offers a good measure of security as the community itself is not something that scammers and fraudsters would see as an easy target. Being in an assisted living facility also removes the risk of piled-up bills and missed payments often associated with the failing memory of a senior citizen.

Many elderly people suffer from the need to hold on to things they really should get rid of. This results in the horrific practice of hoarding, and while most just think of it as disgusting, hoarding has been known to pose a danger to those who do it.

Part of the practices encouraged in assisted living facilities is a sense of responsibility and cooperation. This means that residents pitch in whenever they can, including in the cleaning and upkeep of the living facilities, thus preventing any chance of anyone doing any filthy hoarding.

Facilitators who help run the assisted living facilities encourage residents to participate in health programs designed to keep everyone fit and active, to stave off the physical deterioration associated with aging.

These programs also necessarily include maintenance of personal hygiene, as the elderly are often unfairly depicted as severely lacking in personal hygiene.

What is the Environment Like Around an Assisted Living Facility?

The environment around any facility, regardless if it’s an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or any other special arrangement residence, would largely depend on the location. Some locations offer a wide array of venues and activities that make living in the locale highly enjoyable and desirable.

In the case of the facility in assisted living in Crystal Lake, IL, the surrounding area is home to numerous destinations and places that could make for a very interesting stay in the area.

Things to Do in Crystal, Lake Ilinois, and the Surrounding Areas

If you are into water activities this is your place. With scuba diving, fishing, swimming, boating, and picnicking this recreation area is a nice place to unwind.

Step back to a simpler time to explore the craftsmanship and unexpected brilliance of a Civil War-era architectural masterpiece known as the historic Dole Mansion. This 12-acre park is an inspirational location to stimulate the senses. Learn to paint, take a cooking class, play an instrument, draw, or host an event! There is a lot to experience here at Arts Park.

The Art Institute of Chicago is located in Chicago’s Grant Park and was founded in 1879, making it one of the oldest and largest art museums in the world. The museum hosts approximately 1.5 million people annually, making it one of the more visited locations in the area. The encyclopedic collection found inside the museum includes works such as Georges Seurat’s A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, Pablo Picasso’s The Old Guitarist, Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, and Grant Wood’s American Gothic, which is perhaps one of the most iconic images to ever be used in both classic and popular media.

People who have an interest in eclectic art forms will enjoy the collection found in the museum as it includes Asian art, European Decorative arts, modern and contemporary art, the best photography work from some of the most notable names in the field, and even African and Indian art of the Americas.

The Chicago Foodways Tours is a walking tour that is sure to please the gastronomic desires of anyone with a love for the culinary wonders of the diverse cultures found in the city of Chicago. Enjoy truly exotic food items including chicken shawarma, Lebanese baklava, Mexican horchata, Korean soju martinis, and Turkish coffee, all found right down the street from the walking tour.

This is an excellent way to enjoy the culinary wonders of faraway countries without even having to leave the city, which is particularly beneficial for elderly people as travel could be quite tiring after some time.

Gallagher Way is another reason why people love staying in Chicago. Located just on the west side of Wrigley Field, Gallagher Way is an excellent venue to find chef-driven restaurants and exquisite places to visit like the beautiful Hotel Zachary where the old Chicago blends in with the new.

Built by the global insurance provider and risk management firm the Gallagher group, Gallagher Way is a reflection of the city’s tastes in what is locally considered to be activities worthy of a person’s time, including the various year-round attractions, spectacular movie nights, live music, open-air markets, and everything else that is distinctly Chicago.

A walk in the park is an activity that is not restricted to the senior years, and a trip to Millenium Park in the Loop community area of Chicago is proof of this. The park itself is considered one of the largest green roofs in the world, as it was constructed right on top of a railroad yard and large parking garages. It is one of the most prominent public art venues as art pieces of practically any scale could be displayed in the massive open spaces of the park.

A day alone will not be enough to take in everything that the park has to offer, and to both locals and visitors alike, a day spent in Millenium Park is an enriching and fulfilling experience with everything that could be found in it.

Receive the Best in Care at Shepherd Premier Senior Living

Your loved one will receive round-the-clock care, medication monitoring, home-cooked meals, and the finest caregiver-to-resident ratio available in the industry at Shepherd Premier Senior Living. Our family-owned beliefs and constant commitment to providing top-notch care are unmatched even though every home is different. Set up a personalized tour today to discover why our residents believe that this is their home.

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