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Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better– Especially in Senior Living by Old Spice Maskrey




Hey everyone is, Steve “Old Spice” Maskrey again for Shepherd Premier Senior Living with a little advice, BIGGER is not always better when you are choosing a assisted living or memory care for a declining and aging father or mother size does matter. Many of you follow my blog, you know my business career background. More importantly you know the decisions I had to make for my own declining and aging mother and father in law. But don’t just take my word for do your own research and the two questions that you need to ask yourself when you are looking for assisted in memory care in those facilities and those buildings. Number one is how many total residents are they providing care for? And the most important question is what is the care ratio? And the care ratio is how many residences one caregiver have to provide care for and many big building and facilities.

It is a one to 20, one caregiver to 20 residents during the day and one to 30 or more, one caregiver to 30 or more residents at night. And I think we end up doing your research. You’ll understand again, why Shepherd Premier senior living’s option is so significant in a way we provide care number one, it’s a one to five care ratio, one caregiver to five residents and a boutique residential home setting. Or we only have 10 to 16 residents as a max. So it’s a home where they not only just live, they don’t just exist, but they thrive because Shepherd Premier senior living. His purpose is to provide a safe and loving home that fosters dignity, love, and family. This is home. Something to think about. The end of the day, you’re about ready to go to sleep. You do your prayers, you put your head in the pillow and you think, where would you rather have your mother or your father being provided care for? Think about that.