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This one-of-a-kind, 18,000 square foot home sits upon 34 pristine acres in the heart of Bull Valley. Come tour this magnificent home to view available rooms and see how Shepherd Premier senior care is truly unique!

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Shepherd of Bull Valley

Address: 1001 Cherry Valley Road, Bull Valley, IL 60050

What makes this home special?

Shepherd of Bull Valley is the premier assisted living home in McHenry County. Situated on 34 wooded acres, this home accommodates 15 residents across 18,000 square feet of living space. Opened in 2021, this one-of-a-kind home features a grand fireplace, olympic sized swimming pool, and a movie room for the enjoyment of its residents. Private and semi-private rooms available!

How is Shepherd Premier Senior Living different?

At Shepherd Premier your loved one will receive 24 hour care, medication management, home-cooked meals, and the best caretaker-to-resident ratio in the industry. Every home is unique, but our family-owned values and unwavering dedication to quality care are second to none. Schedule a private tour today and see why our residents say – This is Home!

When a loved one comes home to live in a Shepherd Premier Senior Living residence they join an intimate community of 10 to 16 residents. We believe “smaller is better” when it comes to senior care — an opinion informed by our own experience with the other guys. Rather than a sense of guilt, you can know that mom or dad is enjoying life in an environment similar to home, with a small group of people that will fill their days with engagement, laughter and the joy of belonging. We create an atmosphere that is engaging, supportive, safe and secure. By choosing Shepherd Premier the story doesn’t end, a new chapter begins!

The Benefits of Senior Assisted Living

Many families seek assisted living for their senior loved ones when at-home care is not an option. Fortunately, senior living provides a safe living arrangement for elderly adults that maintains their quality of life while providing necessary services. In addition to daily care services, senior living has a host of benefits for seniors.

Social isolation takes a toll on the over well-being of anyone who experiences it. This is especially true for seniors who live alone or are limited in social interaction. Senior living housing provides an invaluable opportunity for seniors to regularly socialize with others through group activities, outings, and family visits.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), up to one in three seniors experiences loneliness tied to social isolation. This has detrimental effects on the health and emotional well-being of seniors. At Shepherd Premier Senior Living, your loved one will have access to a community of professionals available for various needs.

As people age, the availability of medical assistance becomes non-negotiable. A medical emergency can come without warning, and in these cases, medical assistance must be immediate. Some seniors may also forget to take medications that are essential for their well-being as they begin to exhibit memory problems.

In an assisted living environment, seniors have access to medical assistance that would not be otherwise available. Further, certain medical procedures or care can be provided directly in the senior living home, without the elder needing to travel to a hospital or care center.

While age comes with many accolades, senior citizens are, unfortunately, increasingly at risk for financial scams. Many elders have experienced what has become an epidemic of impersonation scams, sweepstakes scams, and robocall scams that are becoming more and more common in our modern society.

Living in an assisted living community provides seniors with an extra layer of protection from these scams. For seniors experiencing memory problems, the risks associated with forgetting to pay bills are also removed.

For many reasons, hoarding becomes a risk as adults age into seniority. Hoarding is the practice of holding onto items—even items most of us would consider disposable—due to a senior’s perception of the item’s importance.

Hoarding can be a dangerous practice as it creates clutter that can lead to falls and other injuries. Some seniors may even hoard things like food that can decompose or pets which can create dangerous amounts of waste if not properly cared for.  In an assisted living setting, hoarding is not possible. Instead, seniors live in a maintained housing setting that promotes cleanliness and order.

As seniors age, health and hygiene become harder to manage on one’s own. Without around-the-clock assistance, these can fall by the wayside and lead to health issues.

In a senior living setting, seniors receive assistance with their daily health and hygiene. This ranges from assistance with showering, dressing, and physical activity.

What is the Environment Like Around an Assisted Living Facility?

Depending on the area, assisted living housing can offer various destinations and activities that make the facility more desirable. State parks, museums, and theaters are a few places that senior residents can expect to visit either on group outings or with family members during visits.

Senior living in Bull Valley, Illinois comes with a plethora of locations for residents to enjoy. This town has much to offer with its rural feel and pleasant climate.

Things to Do in Bull Valley, Illinois, and the Surrounding Areas

Perfect for a peaceful and educational outing, Magic Meadows is an alpaca farm where residents can view, pet, and feed Suri alpacas on Mike and Sally’s farm. The farm’s informative hosts are always happy to share their knowledge of alpacas and introduce visitors to their herd.

Outdoor theaters are not just a relic of cinema’s past. Today, many theaters are open to the public and play both older and contemporary movies. The McHenry Outdoor Theater is a perfect movie destination for those looking to have a novel experience in Bull Valley, Illinois.

For residents with limited mobility, an outdoor theater can provide an easy way to “go to the movies,” without having to worry about seating accommodations, and making it into the theater itself.

A visit to Woodstock Square boasts a variety of landmark buildings, restaurants, and boutique shops. Walking through the square, visitors can hear live music from the many street performers or stop by the weekend farmer’s market for some treats.

This square is also where the movie Groundhog Day was filmed. Every year, on February 2nd, the square celebrates movie history with a fun winter festival dedicated to Groundhog Day.

If berry picking sounds like a fun afternoon, Heider’s Berry Farm is the perfect destination. After picking up some baskets, visitors are welcome to pick berries from the strawberry fields. At $14 a basket, you can support a local farm and pick your high-quality produce.

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants called polyphenols. These have anti-inflammatory properties which have been linked to decreasing arthritic inflammation, according to the Arthritis Foundation.

The Volo Bog State Natural Area is home to the only remaining open-water bog in the state. A day at this park includes a walk down the half-mile floating boardwalk, vegetation zones to look out over the bog, and an accessible visitors center where you can learn about the history of the bog.

This is the perfect destination for a day out in nature. Animal lovers will also have an opportunity to view muskrats, frogs, and turtles that live in the bog. Visitors can also bring along binoculars to view the many birds that call the park home.

Receive the Best in Care at Shepherd Premier Senior Living

When your loved one becomes a resident of Shepherd Premier Senior Living, they gain access to around-the-clock care, medication management, homemade meals, and the most ideal caregiver-to-resident ratio available.

As family-owned assisted living housing, we believe in providing the best in care for your loved one so they too feel like they are at home. Call us today to set up a personalized tour and discover what sets Shepherd apart from the average senior living housing in Bull Valley, Illinois.

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